Order of Dagon

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(Did you mean the Esoteric Order of Dagon?)

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
In 1944 FAPA had become somewhat cumbered with deadwood and official resistance to change frustrated attempts to get the latter out by tightening activity requirements, etc. By December 1944 the Battle Creek-Bloomington-Los Angeles Axis had plans for an anschluss in FAPA well in hand. The Futurians were to be quashed by a nebulous group, the Freedom Party, standing for strengthened activity requirements and some miscellaneous projects which came to nothing. It was to be backed up by a secret self-perpetuating group known as the Order of Dagon; this started with the three plotters mentioned above (Ashley, Tucker, and Laney) and included such folk as Liebscher, Wiedenbeck, Saari, Spencer, Rothman, Croutch, Perdue, and Ackerman. The Order was to implement the Freedom Party program by bloc voting and by presenting all FP candidates for office, and successfully swung its first election. But the anti-Futurian aspect of the move was frustrated by the Little Interregnum, when the Futurians abdicated their leadership and withdrew into VAPA.

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