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(February 12, 1933 – )

An actifan, faned, filksinger and author from Indiana, Juanita Coulson (née Wellons) has been active in fandom since the 1950s. She was a member of EISFA and ISFA and editor of their clubzines. She was a member of STF League of Indiana.

Juanita and her husband, Buck Coulson, were Fan GoHs at the 1972 Worldcon, L.A.Con, making her the first female FGoH. The Coulsons were the beneficiaries of the Coulsons to Newcastle fanfund to send them to Seacon '79. For 33 years, the Coulsons co-edited the mimeographed fanzine Yandro. Yandro was nominated for a Hugo Award every year from 1958–67; it won the award in 1965.

She co-edited Vandy with Buck and also published the early Star Trek fanzine, ST-Phile. She was extremely skilled at handstencilling fanartists' illos and did most of the repro of the couple’s zines.

She has been widely known in filk music circles since the 1950s for her singing and songwriting. At NorthAmeriCon, the 1979 NASFiC, she managed to out-sing a riverboat whistle. Her role in establishing filk as part of SF conventions was huge. Barry Childs-Helton said, "It's all her fault. She was always instigating people to come on into the fold and join the tradition." She sang with GoH Theodore Sturgeon and Ted Cogswell as a warm-up to the masquerade at the 1962 Chicon III, setting a precedent for filk as an official part of convention activities.

She ran for DUFF in 1972 and 2012, losing both times, before being nominated again and winning in 2014.

She is also an sf and fantasy pro. Her first novel, Crisis on Cheiron, came out in 1967. During her writing career, she has collaborated with other authors such as Marion Zimmer Bradley. One of her better-known novel series is the Children of the Stars books. Several of her novels concern the exploitation of "primitive" intelligent species or first contact.

She is the mother of Bruce Coulson.

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