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An actifan (plural, actifen), short for active fan, is a fan who participates vigorously in fandomclubs, cons, fanzines, and now the internet — by making things happen that other, lazier types (passifans) are content to just appreciate (and/or pay money for). An actifan’s crifanac typically encompasses more than one aspect of fandom.

The term is sometime used as a synonym for trufan, in the sense of one whose fanac takes place in trufandom.

Though not having its own entry, the term was used in both Fancyclopedia I and Fancyclopedia II, and dates back at least to 1942, when Harry Jenkins used it in a loc in the May issue of Super Science Stories.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
From Fan Depending on the extent to which a given fan indulges in anything more than local club activity he may be distinguished as an actifan (as opposed to passifen); stress on crifanac rather than congoing, among actifans, is the chief extensional distinction between trufans and confans.
From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
From scientificombination - The archetype scientificombination was Gernsback's "scientifiction", a running into ea/oth of "scientific" and "fiction". Under the influence of Ackerman, many other combinations are in common use, eg, pename, stfunnyarn, whathell, actifan....

Fanspeak 1942
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