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Trufandom is the destination Jophan seeks, where he can find the magic mimeograph at the "Tower of Trufandom" with which to publish the perfect fanzine in The Enchanted Duplicator.

Because of this association, the term takes on mythic potentials: A trufan can tell other trufen by their "auras," usually at distances upwards of 150 feet, and can also tell whether or not a fanzine contains a mention of their name simply by laying their hands upon the cover, not to mention many other "powers" which the Ancients once possessed.

Dr. Gafia describes Trufandom as the geographical place inside your head where sf fandom takes place.

Controversially, the term is used to describe the original fandom that grew out of the lettercol in Hugo Gernsback's Amazing Stories and the Science Fiction League, which today centers on written sf, fanzines, Worldcons and old-time clubs -- also called Core Fandom (an Arnie Katz coinage) or Fandom Prime (Moshe Feder's term). Although fringe fandoms far outnumber old-fashioned actifen, some of their members nevertheless feel excluded by all of these terms, but particularly dislike the concept of one Trufandom.

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