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Moshe Feder, center, with Arnie and Joyce Katz, at Corflu Nova (1984). Courtesy of Rich Lynch.

(November 14, 1951 – )

Moshe Feder, a New York fan active since 1970, founded and became first president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society at Queens College that year. He was a member of the Brooklyn Insurgents, Fanoclasts and FIStFA. He founded the Omnivores, a fannish dining club; the The Third Level, an email discussion group for fannish rail fans; The Four-Flushers; and the Last Chance Salon, a monthly fan gathering. He was a member of APA-Q. A life-long New Yorker, he shook the City and fandom in 2022 when he moved to Connecticut.

Moshe created the FAAn Awards, co-chaired Corflu 7 and was a member of the Flushing in '80 hoax bid and NY in '86. He was one of the playwrights of The Mimeo Man.

Professionally, he is a consulting editor for Tor and was nominated for the 2011 Best Editor, Long Form Hugo. For many years, until 2011, he was in a relationship with Lise Eisenberg.

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