Brooklyn Insurgents

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New York's third informal (and second invitational) club made up primarily of fanzine fans, begun in 1969 and continued through the early 1980s, when it was felt that the other two clubs for fanzine fans was suffering a kind of Barbarian Invasion.

Co-founded by Arnie Katz and rich brown, initially called Raymond (until the joke wore thin), held first in the apartment of rich & Colleen Brown and later in the apartment of Arnie & Joyce Katz.

Like the other two, it was essentially a regular party, without rules or dues or formal procedures. The Brooklyn Insurgents were noted for not really insurging against much of anything, except the same kind of thing insurgents had been insurging against since the 1940s. Meetings were open and on the Fridays of the month that the Fanoclasts did not meet. During its peak years in the early 70s, there were as many as twenty people at meetings. In the 80s, the club underwent a schism and neither piece was large enough to survive on its own.

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