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A group of fans who jointly pay for some worthy person to attend Corflu. The administrators are Rob Jackson and Rich Coad. Coad describes how it was created:

This idea grew out of the successful funds to bring Bruce Gillespie and William Breiding to Corflu Titanium and to bring Harry Bell to Corflu Quire.  At Corflu Quire, additional names were mentioned for fans we would like to see at Corflu but who are unable to attend for a variety of reasons. Subsequently, Andy Porter came up with the eminently sensible idea of gathering a group of 50 fans, each willing to donate $25 a year (or, to include British fans, £15) to a fund for the express purpose of defraying most, if not all, transportation and lodging expense.
Year Winner From To Venue
2008 Steve Stiles & Elaine Stiles Randallstown, MD Corflu Silver Las Vegas, NV
2009 Curt Phillips Abingdon, VA Corflu Zed Seattle, WA
2010 Earl Kemp Kingman, AZ Corflu Cobalt Winchester, UK
2011 Dave Hicks Leicester, UK e-CorFlu Vitus Sunnyvale, CA
2012 Shelby Vick Panama City, FL Corflu Glitter Las Vegas, NV
2013 Rob Hansen London, UK Corflu XXX Portland, OR
2014 Dan Steffan & Lynn Steffan Portland, OR Corflu 31 Richmond, VA
2015 Geri Sullivan Wales, MA Tynecon 3: The Corflu Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2016 Grant Canfield Novato, CA Chiflu Chicago, IL
2017 Pete Young Hua Hin, Thailand Corflu 34 Los Angeles, CA

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