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(1954 –)

Minneapolis fan now living in Central Massachusetts (one of Minneapolis's more distant suburbs.) Active in the Minn-stf (where she lived in Toad Hall and was both President and on the Board), conventions, and fanzines: "mostly, I like to throw parties". Post-supporting chair of the Minneapolis in '73 Worldcon bid since 1984. She got involved in fandom in 1979 by meeting Emma Bull at a mundane party and talking for six hours.

She won the 2007 Best Fanzine Hugo with Science-Fiction Five-Yearly also ed. by Lee Hoffman and Randy Byers.

She has been on many committees included a dozen or more Minicons (chairing Minicon 35) and Boskones, many Worldcons, ReinCONation 2-6, Not-A-ReinCONation, D-cons and Not-A-D-Cons, Corflu 6, 1993 World Fantasy Convention. She chaired Smofcon 25 and was a Rotsler Award judge 1998-2003.

Fanzines and Apazines:


Special projects include: Minn-stf Historical Party, Wimpy Zone Fan Fund, Mystery Fan Fund, Harris Fund. For MidAmeriCon II she created the Video Archaeology Project to recover and digitize videos made forty years before at MidAmeriCon.


Video of Geri Sullivan and Steven Brust discussing Minneapolis fandom at Balticon 51

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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