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The editor of a fanzine, commonly called a faned or fan editor, labors for egoboo and the usual, not filthy lucre -- although the occasional subscription, sticky quarters (or in these times of high postal rates, sticky $5 bills) or sheet of postage stamps is always welcome. In most cases, the faneditor is also the fanzine's publisher, not to mention its art director, printer, collator and distributor — though some fanzines are produced by teams who specialize.

The job of creating a fanzine varies depending on the type -- perzine, newszine, genzine, clubzine -- and its means of repro.

The Official Editor of an apa takes on a thankless job.

The people who edit prozines, semiprozines and books are also editors. They, however, are professional editors, a notch below faneds, as the Fancyclopedia 1 entry, below, attests.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
The jerk who founds a fanzine, names it, decides what kind of material it shall carry, selects and puts together material for an issue, and/ or publishes it; and his successors. There are also positions called art editor, assistant editor, contributing editor, etc, which may mean much assistance in the dirty work or none at all.

Much blood has been shed over the question whether an editor should be allowed to make any changes in the mss of his writers before publishing them. many competent writers resent it as unnecessary interference with their communication to the readership; it is defended as taking the place of the drafting and rewriting that the authors ought to do and don't.

Added in Fancy 2: Some editors delight in interjecting their own comments before, during, and after contributors' material. This is a tradition in CULTzines.

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