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A fanzine with news of interest to the community of sf fandom. Sercon newszines have news primarily of the professional community with fannish news sometimes thrown in for good measure; fannish newszines have news primarily of fandom with professional news sometimes thrown in for good measure.

There is also the convention newsletter which, though perhaps technically newszines, are best treated as a separate category. Clubzines likewise often contain a lot of news, but most are focused on the doings of a single club and are better thought of in that context.

4E tried to promote the term magazet but it didn’t take.

See also: Newsies.

Period Newszine Publisher Notes
1931–36 SF News Dan McPhail It turned into a subzine in 1935 and then subtitled "the newsmagazine for the fantasy fan." It was also a pioneer in reporting news of fandom, in contrast to its contemporary, Fantasy Magazine, which largely ignored fanactivity.
1937-39 Science Fiction News Letter Richard Wilson Online issues
late 30s -- early 40s Midwest News & Views Mark Reinsberg Midwest news
late 30s The Science Fiction Scout James V. Taurasi
1938-49 Fantasy News James V. Taurasi, Will Sykora Online issues
1940 Science Fiction Weekly Robert Lowndes Online issues
1940-41 Melbourne Bulletin Warwick Hockley Online issues
1940-42 Futurian Observer Bert F. Castellari et al Australian news
1940-45 Fantasy Fiction Field Julius Unger
1941-69 Fantasy Times / Science Fiction Times James V. Taurasi, Ann Deitz, James Ashe General fannish news, but mostly about prozines
1943-44 Nebula Rusty Hevelin and Larry Shaw
early 40s IPIH/AIN Bob Watson and Bob Tucker
early 40s Sci-Fic Variety Bob Tucker
1940s Fanews Walter Dunkleberger et al
1943-52 FANEWS[CARD] Bob Tucker A cardzine
1944-46 QX the CARDZINE Joe Kennedy
1945-53 Bloomington Newsletter / Science Fiction Newsletter Bob Tucker
mid-40s FFF FANEWSCARD Will Sykora A cardzine
1946-53 Science Fiction Newsletter Bob Tucker
early 50s Magnus' Saturday Morning Gazette
1950 STEFCARD Walter Coslet A cardzine
1953-57, 59 Etherline Ian J. Crozier (most issues) and Lee Harding (one issue) a clubzine with news from other clubs
1953-92 Science Fiction News Graham Stone in later years a perzine
1954 Grey Charles Wells
1956-57 Bennett Ron Bennett et al UK news
1958-63 Fanac Terry Carr, Ron Ellik, Walter Breen Fannish news
1959-67 Skyrack Ron Bennett UK news
1962-64 Starspinkle Ron Ellik
1963 Fantasy News Ken Beale
1963-64 Fantasy Fiction Field Harvey Inman
1964-67 Ratatosk Bruce Pelz
1965-72 Focal Point rich brown, Mike McInerney, Arnie Katz
1966-68 S. F. Weekly Andy Porter
1966-78 Rally Al Andrews, Lon Atkins, Don Markstein, Stven Carlberg, Beth Schwarzin Southern US news
1968-71 European Newsbulletin/Link Jean C. Muggoch European fan news
1968-79 Checkpoint Peter Roberts UK news
1968-present Locus Charlie Brown General fannish news in early years; now exclusively pro news
1969-?? Up From Here Andy Porter News for conrunners
1969-76 Luna Monthly Ann Deitz
1970-75 Norstrilian News John Foyster and Leigh Edmonds (1970), Bruce Gillespie (1970-71), and Robin Johnson (1972-75)
1972-73 FIAWOL Joyce Katz, Arnie Katz
1970s Winnie the POO Mike Ward West-coast news
1970s Maybe Irv Koch Southern news
late 70s SFinctor Craig Miller
1976-78 Karass Linda Bushyager General fannish news
Small Mammal Martin Easterbrook and Margaret Austin British news
1978-94 Australian Science Fiction News Merv Binns Australian news
1979-2000 Science Fiction Chronicle Andy Porter Primarily pro news
1979-present Ansible Dave Langford
1974-80 The Spang Blah Jan Howard Finder International news
1973-78 Fanew Sletter Leigh Edmonds Australian news
De Profundis Various LA and West-Coast news
1978-83 DNQ Victoria Vayne and Taral Wayne
1978 - present File 770 Mike Glyer General news. Issues at FANAC, Issues at eFanzines
1980s-?? Thyme Alan Stewart et al Australian news
1981-85 Uncle Dick's Dick Smith with Leah Zeldes A fannish gossipzine
1983-96 Texas SF Inquirer Pat Mueller Texas news
SF Convention Register Erwin S. Strauss Convention listings
1985-89 Jane's Fighting Smofs Jane Dennis and Scott Dennis Bidding news
1990-2007 Fans Across the World Bridget Wilkinson European convention news
early 90s-present ConNotations Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society
1994-2012 The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet Marc Ortlieb (1994-2001), Edwina Harvey and Ted Scribner (2002-2010), and Wendy Palmer (2011-2012) Mainly Australian news
2001-02 The Plokta News Newt Plokta Cabal Mainly UK news
2001-07 Plokta News Network Plokta Cabal Mainly UK news
2000s Taruithorn International Newsletter UK Tolkien news
Science and Fantasy Fan Reporter Colin Roden
Cry Havoc Linnette Horne

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