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(August 21, 1929 –)

Joseph Charles Kennedy, aka JoKe, was a New Jersey fan active from the 1940s through the ’60s. He hosted Dovercon at his house in 1944.

He published the fanzines Fantasy Review, Vampire, Terrifying Test-Tube Tales and the cardzine QX the CARDZINE and was one of the founders of SAPS. He was one of the founding members of ESFA, a member of The Arisians and a member of Vanguard and VAPA. He was a fanartist and cartoonist, too.

He warned fandom about the Grulzak.

He began writing professionally with science fiction for pulp magazines. He has since become a well-known poet, writing as X. J. Kennedy, a penname he also used for his 1983 fantasy novel. (He added the X to distinguish himself from Joseph P. Kennedy, patriarch of the political family.)

Fanzines and Apazines:

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