Tails of Passionate Fans

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A fanzine published by Lloyd Alpaugh, Ron Maddox, George Fox and Joe Kennedy. It had two issues. In “After the Atom,” Kennedy wrote:

In December '46, Alpaugh, Ron Maddox, Fox, and I held a oneshot-fanzine session at which we knocked ourselves out publishing a thing entitled Tails of Passionate Fans. The piece de resistance of this literary abortion was a story purporting to have been ghostwritten by Stanley G. Weinbaum, and Slavin was the heroine of it. When Slavin latched onto a copy of this thing, she sent special-delivery letters to the fathers of the four co-editors, threatening to sue for libel and I don't remember what all else. By luck, every one of the four co-editors managed to intercept the letters, and Fox even went so far as to write an answer, signing his father's name to it. A couple of years later Alpaugh published a second issue of Tails, but it was tame stuff by comparison.

Publication 1946
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