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Arisia (NY)
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(Do you mean the Lensman Fanspeak or the Boston convention?)

The Arisians, an informal local club in New York City, began about 1944. Don Wollheim was unofficial chief, and meetings were always held at Don and Elsie Wollheim’s apartment. A horde of young fans, as well as many of DAW's Futurian friends, attended.

Its oneshot official organ was La Vie Arisienne.

Members included Don Wollheim, Elsie Wollheim, Chet Cohen, John Michel, Judy Zissman, Doc Lowndes, Walter Kubilius, Hannes Bok, Russ Wilsey, Austin Hamel, Al Weinstein, Frank Wilimczyk, Larry Shaw, Bill Stoy, Damon Knight, Suddsy Schwartz, Monroe Kuttner, and Joke (Joe Kennedy).

See Kennedy’s “Before the Bomb” for more.

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