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We present, for your crogglement (“I didn’t know she was a fan!” “He went on to do what?!) a list of famous (or infamous) fen.

These are honest-to-Ghu, one-time or current actifen who became renowned in the macrocosm for their non-stfnal activities. (Hence, it does not include such notables as Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin; Jerry Siegel, creator of Superman; or Janis Ian, who was already a celebrated folksinger when she found fandom.)

This list encompasses people whose involvement in fandom went beyond merely loving sf — who later became mundane celebrities despite having been fans.

Please add people to this list only if they:

  1. Are or were famous in the mundane world. Fame, of course, is relative, and fleeting, but we are looking for fen who more than meet Wikipedia’s notability criteria, let alone Andy Warhol’s. Has your mother heard of them?
  2. Achieved their fame for things not related to science fiction after becoming active in fandom. By “active,” we mean they engaged in such fanac as regularly attending club meetings or conventions (as ordinary members, not guests), publishing or contributing to fanzines, or corresponding with other fen. We are looking for documented interaction with organized fandom, not just enjoying sf.

This is a group page. Please extend it by adding information about when and where the group formed, its members, how long it was active, notable accomplishments, external links to the group's website, etc.

When there's a floreat (Fl.), this indicates the time or times for which we have found evidence that the group existed. This is probably not going to represent the group's full lifetime, so please update it if you can!