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(Did you mean Fred A. Chappell, the bibliographer?)

(May 28, 1936 – January 4, 2024[1])

Fred Davis Chappell, a North Carolina author and poet, was active in fandom as a teenager in the 1950s. He was a member of the N3F and TLMA and director of the the Western North Carolina Scientafantesy League — “the WNCSFL ... boasted only it's director, a secratery, a tresrur, and one membar, but they were all in realty only Chappell himself.”[2]

In Nolacon II’s PR 1 (Spring 1987, p. 16), Chappell recalled traveling to his first convention, Nolacon, the 1951 Worldcon, in company with Lynn Hickman and Bobby Pope, saying he gafiated about three years later when he went to college, although he was contributing to fanzines as late as 1958. He wrote reviews, poetry and fan fiction for such zines as Redd BoggsSkyhook, Dean Grennell’s Grue and Bob Silverberg’s Spaceship. He may also have attended Philcon II in 1953, according to his sister.[3]

As a young man, Chappell claimed, he sold a couple of stories to the pulps under a pseudonym, which he did not divulge. His 1968 novel Dagon, named the Best Foreign Book of the Year by the Académie française, is a recasting of a Cthulhu Mythos horror story as a psychologically realistic Southern Gothic.

Born in Canton, NC, in rural Appalachia, Chappell grew up on a farm there, then attended Duke University, where he studied under William Blackburn. He married Susan Nicholls in 1959. He was a professor of English, 1964–2004, at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. From 1997–2002, he was the Poet Laureate of North Carolina. Fred Chappell: I Am One of You Forever, a biographical documentary about him, aired on PBS November 3, 2022.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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