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Trinoc*coN 2002 was a convention held October 4–6, 2002, at the Durham Marriott and Civic Center in Durham, NC. GoH was Lois McMaster Bujold, Artist GoH was James Wappel, Gaming GoH was Dave Arneson, and Special Guest was Fred Chappell, North Carolina Poet Laureate and old-time fan.

Literary guests included Jim Baen, Orson Scott Card, David B. Coe, Jack McDevitt, William Barton, F. Brett Cox, David Drake, Andy Duncan, Jodie Forrest, John Kessel, Graham Watkins, and Allen L. Wold.

Artist guests included Mark Schultz, Tim Mullins, Ingrid Neilson, Jamie Robertson, Nick Rose, Bob Snare, Daniel Trout, and Loston Wallace.

Gaming guests included Steven S. Long and David Weinstein.

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