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A fanzine published by Dean Grennell and circulated through FAPA. It was nominated for the 1956 Best Fanzine Hugo.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1-14 The first 14 issues had a print run of 1 copy while Grennell was living in Germanstown
15 June 1953 6 "A truly horrid mmischmosch committed on a Rex-O-Graph, for which I should like to disclaim all responsibility."
18 Fall 1953 12 #s 1-17 were Letter substitutes
19 Winter 1953 24
20 Spring 1954 46 in FAPA 67
21 Summer 1954 46 In Psychotic 16, Dick Geis wrote: “This issue is noteworthy for the cover which is a picture of the creat­ure from the Black Lagoon wearing a propeller beanie and with the words "I am NOT Shelby Vick" lettered across his chest, a fascinating article by Bob Tucker which discusses Claude Degler, a fabulous fannish character of the past, a long and nicely written Midwestcon report by P. E. Economou titled "Bellefontaine Buffet"; a page long letter from Bob Bloch, a section of "nurrsery Rhymes," an account of a two week vacation trip to the West by Grennell Himself, a long and interesting letter column and ... photographs which were astonishingly put on a stencil by a process called stenofaxing.

Jim Bradley, a local Portland fan who edits a zine titled LYRIC, after seeing this issue went away muttering to himself. The absolutely per­fect mimeography in GRUE was a terrific shock to him, printed as it is in a pleasing blue. That was bad, but the stenciled photos were too much for him; his eyes glazed and he murmured the magic word 'Gestetner' as he staggered off in search of a bottle of beer.”
22 Autumn 1954 46 in FAPA 69
23 March 1955 53 includes short stories by Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg
24 Summer 1955 30
25 November 1955 30 in FAPA 73
26 December 1955 22
27 February 1956 22 in FAPA 74
28 May 1956 50 in FAPA 75
29 April 1958 56 Last genzine issue; in FAPA 83
30 August 1962 8 in FAPA 100
31 August 1963 10 in FAPA 104
31B August 1969 Labelled #31 -- duplicate number
32 ...made up for by skipping #32
33 February 1970
36 November 1971
NN August 1974 1
40 November 1977 4
41 November 1977 4 Single-sided
42 February 1978 9 "
43 August 1979 10 " in FAPA 168

There was also a joint issue with Tucker called Le Gruesome Zombie.

Grue online at

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
(Grennell) Probably will prove one of the fanzines of history. Its complete genesis is worth quoting as a specimen:

"In casting about for a fanzine title, I considered several: Stellar Stories, Fiasco, and Grue: The Fan's Magazine [quasi, True, The Man's Magazine, published about this time], were three I kept coming back to. I discovered that my sneaky subconscious had picked up the first from an ad in Other (ptui!) Worlds. I asked the advice of friend-and-mentor Bob Silverberg and he opined that either Fiasco or Grue would act as a deadly blight on a fanzine... in fact, why did I want to cast yet another effort into a field already sadly overcrowded? Despite this, perhaps even because of it, I clung to Grue as a title. Sometime in January of 1953 I drew up a tentative cover for it, bearing a picture of a little man in a spacesuit standing beside his rocket in a moon-crater, about to light a fuse trailing out the bottom of it. I stuck this to the wall for a while and later, as I finished writing a larger-than-usual letter to someone, I put the cover picture on the front of the letter, stapled it down the left margin, and so Grue was born. [Trumpets off.]

"So went the first fourteen copies; all custom-made, with hand-drawn illos, tipped-in photos, etc. Number fifteen was a four-page kind of one-shot done on a spirit duplicator. 16&17 reverted to typed originals again and when I got into FAPA in the fall of 1953 I decided to keep the title as a FAPAzine, so it appeared there as #18. All issues since then have been consecutively published -- from 20 onwards with the use of Gestetner in blue on white. There have been a few custom issues of Grue since then, but these are given fractional numbers to fit them in between the published issues, as 'GRUE #25 1/2'." -- Dean Grennell.

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