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Bheer is the fannish spelling of beer. There is no difference in pronunciation.

Some fans may stick an "h" into a word like "beer" or "beer bust" without the least inkling that, by implication, they're admitting an affinity for the fannish ghod Ghu.

Then too, there are those who regard Beer (or Bheer) as a minor fannish deity unto itself β€” making Bheer the one fan religion which has followers in the non-fan college fraternity community. Nonetheless, Berkeley fandom's Tower of Bheer Cans to the Moon was not just a fannish myth but also both a religious icon or totem poll and a technological marvel. (And note that, implication or no, the fannish ghods are fannish ghods, with an "h," and not fannish gods without an "h".) Believers assert: β€œBheer is the Only True Ghod.”

See also: H, Alforbundet, Beerfandom, Bheer Can Tower to the Moon, Beaker People Libation Front, Literary Beer, Auld Bladderburst, Golden Treachery, Rocket Fuel.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
No less important to fannish than mundane drinking, this useful beverage is even given divine honors by the sect of Beeros and worshipped as either Beer or Bheer. (The latter substance is also used in celebrating certain mysteries of the Ghuist religion.) Roscoe approves of beer. True Beeros, however, believe that "Beer is the Only True Ghod", advancing in evidence the fact that given enough beer one wants nothing more. But scoffers point out that with money one can buy beer.

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