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(For other uses, see Fannish (Disambiguation))

The adjective fannish (adverb form: fannishly) has several nuances.

(1) Not Mundane[edit]

Pertaining to fans or fandom. The opposite of mundane. While not the opposite of pro, it can be its counterpoint.

(2) Being like a Fan[edit]

Fanlike, having the attributes of a fan ("a sensitive fannish face") or something a fan would do, according to the traditions of fandom. Something is done fannishly if it is done as part of the microcosm’s gift economy where the only payment is in egoboo. See fan for much more.

(3) Not Sercon[edit]

Pertaining to fannish fandom or like a member of fannish fandom, the opposite of sercon.

(4) Faannish[edit]

A synonym for faanish.

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