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Dick Smith cranks a Gestetner at Windycon 29 in 2002. (Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, courtesy Hazel's Picture Gallery.)

An English brand of mimeograph that were much better than American brands. Where U.S. models had cotton ink pads, Gestetners utilized a silk screen; where American mimeos relied on internal brushes and centrifugal force (or, on cheaper machines, outside applications with a brush) to spread ink around, the Gestetner used far superior waver rollers.

The Gestetner also had a sophisticated method of adjustment that allowed for better registration (establishing where the print area will hit on the page), which made it vastly superior for two- and three-color mimeograph work.

Gestetner is no longer made as a form of mimeograph, although some of the old technology is in use in its present copier; the stencils are internal and they are cut by a photographic process from the original copy, which is scanned like a Xerox.

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