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Jean Young was a fanzine editor and artist active in the 1950s. She was best known as a fan artist, but she was also well known in fandom as one of the "Balcony Insurgents" of the 1956 NYCon II Worldcon, who occupied a balcony rather than pay an exorbitant price to hear talks in the banquet hall.

She was a member of FAPA and of the FATE Tape. Her publishing house was je m'en fiche publications.

She and her husband, fellow fan Andy Young, lived in the Ivory Birdbath in Cambridge, MA, during a time when there was no organized fannish activity in Boston. They were known as J&y (Jandy). On September 17, 1958, they had a son named Alan Samuel Young. They seem to have gafiated by 1960.

Fanzines and Apazines:

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