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(1932? – )

Andrew T. Young, a fan active in the 1950s, and his wife, fan Jean Young, were jointly known under the demolishism "J&Y" ("Jandy"). He was bearded in a time when beards were scarce (see Poo).

He was one of the Balcony Insurgents, a member and OE of FAPA and part of the FATE Tape, and hero of one of the FAPA Blitzkriegs. He was briefly a member of the Boston Chapter of Campbell's IES (and attended its party celebrating Isaac Asimov's 40th birthday.)

On January 17, 1958, Andrew and Jean had a son named Alan Samuel Young.

Young went to school in Oberlin, Ohio, before moving to Cambridge, MA, living in the Ivory Birdbath, and getting a Ph.D. (see Doc) in astronomy under Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin at Harvard in 1962. He seems to have largely gafiated by 1960, and gone on to a career in astronomy. He is a professor emeritus at San Diego State University, where he was an adjunct professor of astronomy, and published many astronomy-related papers, usually under A. T. Young but sometimes as Andrew T. Young.


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