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Demolishisms are punning nicknames where symbols stand in for letters.

Even in these less typographic days, demolishisms persist (helped along, no doubt, by Twitter and texting). For example, you will frequently see a convention badge labeled "&y &a" worn by filker and GT member Andy Anda.

See also Ackermanese, nicknames.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Alfred Bester treated telepathy with imagination and talent in The Demolished Man, but its primary effect on us was in provoking Demolishisms. Actually the practice -- the use of figures for their phonetic equivalents in puns and names -- traces back to Ackermanese ("4sj" is a typical demolishism) but Besterfolk Duffy Wyg&, @kins, and $son [Wygand, Atkins, and Jackson] inspired a revival of the custom. Those who have/had applied to their names this technique include Vin¢ Clarke, Agberg, S&y S&erson, J&y / (Jean and Andy Young), etc. / Finlay and Horace Au had it applied but didn't take it up. If : Glencannon were a fan, doubtless he'd go along.

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