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Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association was organized by Ken Bulmer and Vin¢ Clarke on June 19, 1954. Founding members included Chuck Harris, Joan Carr, Ron Bennett and Archie Mercer. The Official Organ was Off Trails. It was published four times a year: March June, September and December. OMPA lasted into the late 70s and was dead by the late 70s. Many members felt that the effort of putting on OMPAcon '73, (an Eastercon) sapped its energy...though it is maintained by some that OMPA still exists, just that nobody has made minac since 1977.


1954/55 means a term from September 1955 to June 1956. For many years this was the standard term of an OE. 1970-73 means the full years 1970, 71, 72, and 73

1954/55 Vincent Clarke
1955/56 Joy Clarke
1956/57 Archie Mercer
1957/58 John Roles
1958/59 Roberta Gray
1959/60 Ron Bennett
1960/61 Daphne Buckmaster
1962/63 Ken Cheslin
1963/65 Ethel Lindsay
1965/66 Brian Jordan
September 1967 Archie Mercer
March 1968 Heinrich Arnez
1969 Beryl Mercer
1970-73 Ken Cheslin
1974-75 Pat and Mike Meara
1976-77 Keith Walker
1978/79 Keith Walker

Contributors and APAzines:[edit]

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
The Off-Trail Magazine Publisher's Association, formed 19 June 1954 to provide British fen wit an equivalent of FAPA. Ken Bulmer and Vin¢ Clarke organized it, and were first president and first Association Editor (respectively) of the group. "We weren't proud", says Vin¢; "we borrowed wholesale from the rules of FAPA." This isn't quite right, since FAPA's Secretary and Vice-President duties were combined with, respectively, the Association Editor's and President's, and the group was smaller (45 members plus the Keeper of the Printed Books British Copyright repository, carried as "Member #0"]). Founder members included eminent Anglofen like Chuck Harris (first Treasurer), Joan Carr, Ron Bennett, and Archie Mercer. The group grew rapidly; original membership of 25 had to be increased to 29 with the first mailing and later to its present level. Beginning in 1956 it became extensively infiltrated with Americans and some alarm and despondency over possible loss of British character was heard.

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