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The Evans-Pavlat Fanzine Index was one of the greatest indexes to fanzines ever created. It was published by Bob Pavlat and Bill Evans and was based on the Swisher Index of fanzines.

The Swisher Index covered 1938 to 1946, while the Evans-Pavlat Index carried on through the 1950s. Evans and Pavlat received significant help from Bob Silverberg, Walter Coslet, Bob Tucker, Julius Unger, and Forrest J Ackerman.

The Evans-Pavlat Index was issued as a fanzine (distributed through FAPA and OMPA) and sold at twenty cents an issue:

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 December 1952 1-16 A - Contour
2 January 1955 17-40 Contour - Fan-Toda
3 February 1958 41-64 Fantop - L
4 August 1958 65-92 M - R
5 November 1959 93-141 S - Z and non-alphabetical entries

There was a reprint of the Evans-Pavlat Fanzine Index published in March 1966 by Harold Piser. There were no corrections or additions from original version Pavlat published between 1952 and 1959. Piser's intent was to use this work as a preliminary step in publishing a comprehensive bibliography of fanzines through the end of 1965. This never happened, however, probably because it was no longer possible to do such a publication.

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