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(November 2, 1928 –)

Don Fitch, an LA-area fan and reformed letterhack and apahack, was GoH at Minicon 28 in 1993 and won LASFS's Evans-Freehafer Award in 1970.

He may have visited LASFS during World War II, but didn’t officially join until June 30, 1960, according to club records; he was Custodian of the Official LASFS Holly plant. He also belonged to The Petards and the N3F. In the 1940s, he started a Sherlock Holmes fan group.

He was on the Corflu 9 committee and worked mostly as staff at many other conventions. In 1961, he produced Halfanthol, a copy of which resides in the Paskow Collection of the Temple University Libraries. He helped produce some issues of Ron Ellik's Starspinkle.

He began apahacking about 1959, and many of his apazines featured the running title, From Sunday to Saturday. APAs of which he was a member at one time or another include: FAPA, SAPS, TAPS (served as OE), The Cult, N'APA, OMPA, APA-X, APA-50, ANZAPA, The Secret Garden, Minneapa, Dadapa and APA-L. Lee Gold records that Don brought a hectograph to collations in APA-L's early years, for running off last-minute contributions and the ToC.

When he still traveled to cons, Don was known for packing his suitcase with chocolate and other delectables that he generously donated to room parties. As he became increasingly deaf, however, he has limited his in-person contact with fans. He has worn a prosthetic nose since surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in the 2000s.

He now lives in an assisted-living home in Covina, CA. He collects tropical fish. He is an avid gardener.

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