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(???? – July 28, 1984)

Arthur D. Wilson published the apazines Scatalog for OMPA and FAPA and Coprophile for N'APA, from Southeast Asia. He also contributed such fanzines as Satura, KiwiFan and Rover. He was a cartoonist, too.

He was listed as member 157 in the second Progress Report for Solacon, the 1958 Worldcon. In 1969, F. M. Busby wrote in Cry that Wilson was at FUNcon II, the Westercon that year.

Wilson was a captain and pilot for Civil Air Transport and its successor airline, Air America. Books and articles about Air America identify Art Wilson as a pilot with many thousands of hours of flying experience in Southeast Asia in the 1950s and ’60s. The New York Times reported on August 12, 1973: “One Air America pilot preparing to leave here, Arthur Wilson, has been flying the Curtiss C‐46 transport in Asia more or less continuously since 1943, when he began flying the Hump, the Himalayan range separating China from Burma and the Indian subcontinent.”

Wilson was well known as an “irreverent type” who always wore "shower shoes" (flip-flops) when flying. In May 1960, he crash landed his H-19 helicopter and walked in those sandals to a main road from which he hitchhiked back to his airbase.

See Wilson’s report on Bangcon.

Fanzines and Apazines:

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