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(August 27, 1942 – July 6, 2022)

Robert Lichtman and Eileen Gunn (2007). Thanks to Mike Ward.

Robert Lichtman (early on, called Bob) was a longtime California fanzine fan, active since the 1950s. He was editor of the fanzine Trap Door, which was nominated for the 1987 Best Fanzine Hugo and the 1992 Best Fanzine Hugo. He won TAFF in 1989 after losing the 1986 TAFF Race.

He was a member of the original Fan Awards Poll Committee and a highly inactive member of LASFS (under the "death does not release you, even if you die" provision). He joined LASFS in 1958 and served as an officer in the early 1960s. Also a member, in their times, of GDA, LNF, SIC, and DWE. He belonged to FAPA (Secretary-Treasurer 1986–2022), N'APA (OE 1961-62), Lilapa (OE 1990-2000), OMPA (President 1991-92), CRAP, The Cult, SAPS and SFPA.

Robert Lichtman (1995) By and courtesy of Grant Canfield.

He was a cast member (Rebel Lee) of The Musquite Kid Rides Again and was on the committee of several Corflus.

He was a member of the Young Science Fiction Reading Group. When he was a member of N3F, he wrote one of the club's early fandbooks, The Amateur Press Associations in Science-Fiction Fandom (1962), as by Bob Lichtman. He edited a collection of F. T. Laney's fan writing titled Ah! Sweet Laney!, a fanthology of writing from Quandry titled Some of the Best from Quandry, and a collection of Walt Willis's Fanorama columns (from Nebula, the British SF magazine) titled Fanorama. He edited Fanthology 92, Fanthology '93 and Fanthology 1994, which were published by others. He made Jack Speer's Up To Now (a history of fandom as of 1939) available as a PDF (on

A supporter of Walter Breen in the Breendoggle, he was among the boycotters who crashed Pacificon II, the 1964 Worldcon.

He gafiated in the 1970s, during which he went to live on The Farm (a hippie commune in Tennessee), married and had four sons, but returned to fandom and California in 1980.

In his 1987 TAFF platform, he wrote:

In the real world I’m a single parent with four kids and live in Glen Ellen, California. Fandom is a place where I find pleasure and conversation with like-minded friends of all ages. I've been an active fanzine fan since 1958 and have published three general-circulation fanzines: PSI-PHI, FRAP and nowadays TRAP DOOR. I’ve "known" and been known by many fans in the U.K. through letters and fanzines over the years (and have met a few) and would welcome the opportunity to hoist a pint with them all, starting on my 45th birthday: the opening day of Conspiracy, the 45th Worldcon.

He married Carol Carr in 2000 (second marriages for both). He was previously married to Margo Lichtman.

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