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A secret APA created in late 1964 when a group of fans who were discussing the Breendoggle among themselves decided to turn their group into an apa. According to Tom Perry, "a number of us found we were corresponding furiously about the Bondoggle and other matters, and passing each other's letters around or quoting extensively from them, within a fairly small circle."

It is one of the more successful secret apas (secret as to its contents, but not as to its existence) and one of the more longer-lived, surviving to this day. The name derived from the members' habit of calling it "our little apa" and quickly became shortened to "lilapa". Eventually, it was formalized with the capital "L". There was only once officer, "The Goat" who volunteered rather than was elected and acted as OE.

As an apa it started in 1965, and issues did not include a contents page. It was (usually) published twice a month, on the 15th and the last day of the month.

Membership was by invitation only and was limited to fifteen slots, with couples counting as one member. Prospective members had to be invited by majority of the apa's members before they could join, No blackball existed, unlike the in FAPA, but there was a mechanism called a "Pout" which was a conditional veto. When a member invoked a Pout against a proposed new member, it was the same as saying "if so-and-so becomes a member, I will drop out." This became codified into the apa's rules, if someone was voted into membership over a Pout, the member who Pouted was then required to drop out.

The founding members included Norm Clarke & Gina Ellis, Terry Carr & Carol Carr, Elinor Busby & F. M. Busby, Tom Perry, and Boyd Raeburn.

Around 2007, Lilapa merged with Apassembly into L'Apassemblance which is still alive as of 2023.

Members and Apazines

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