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(January 19, 1937 – October 18, 2018)

Patricia Enid Loring Lupoff grew up in Manhattan, and met her future husband Richard A. (Dick) Lupoff, on a blind date in 1957; they were married in August, 1958. They later joined the (Second) Futurian Society of New York (which met int heir apartment and which led to their appearance at Pittcon, the 1960 Worldcon, dressed as Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel. She helped to found the Fanoclasts and to run Eastercon. She was a member of Lilapa and The Cult.

The Lupoffs did not live far Woodstock, but spent the weekend on fan-related activities (after seeing reports from concert on all the mud and rain, they were happy with their decision.)

She is probably best known as one of the editors of Xero which won the 1963 Best Fanzine Hugo (incidentally making Pat one of the first female recipients of a Hugo.) Their collection, The Best of Xero, was nominated for the 2005 Best Related Book Hugo.

Xero was not originally intended to be comics-oriented, but after a nostalgic article by Dick, it featured a series on old comic books called "All in Color for a Dime." The articles in this series were later reprinted in two books: All in Color for a Dime (1970) and The Comic-Book Book (1973), both co-edited by Dick Lupoff and Don Thompson (husband of Maggie Thompson). Xero inspired others, including the Thompsons and Jerry G. Bails, to publish their own fanzines.

Pat and Dick had their first child, Kenneth, in 1961. She later worked as a bookstore manager in Berkeley, CA.

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A remembrance of Pat by Jon D. Swartz appeared in Scientifiction (STF), New Series #58, 4th Quarter, 2018. Swartz is Special Features Editor of STF.

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