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January Don Cook dies
January 23 Ursula K. Le Guin dies
February 12 Bill Crider dies
February 13 Victor Milán dies
March 3 Lars-Olov Strandberg dies
March 5 Peter Nicholls dies
March 8 Kate Wilhelm dies
March 17 Karen Kruse Anderson dies
March 20 Earl Cooley III dies
Easter, April 1 Follycon
May 27 Gardner Dozois dies
May 31 June Moffatt dies
June 7 Lucy Zinkiewicz dies
June 9 Shelby Vick dies
June 28 Harlan Ellison dies
July 1 Jack Gonzalez dies
August 3 Vicky Wyman dies
August 16-20 Worldcon 76 in San Jose
October 18 Pat Lupoff dies
October 26 Harold Stein dies
November 4 Bertil Mårtensson dies
November 12 Fred Patten dies
December 4 Claire Anderson dies
December 8 Gary Tesser dies
December 26 Fred Isaacs dies
TAFF: Johan Anglemark
DUFF: Marlee Jane Ward
GUFF: Marcin Klak

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