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A fanzine published by Dick Lupoff and Pat Lupoff for ten issues from 1960 to 1963, with Bhob Stewart as Art Director. It was mimeoed, sometimes using the Rexstripe process. It won the 1963 Best Fanzine Hugo and much of its best work was reprinted in 1964 in The Best of Xero.

Xero was not originally intended to be comics-oriented, but after a nostalgic article on Captain Marvel by Dick Lupoff, it became devoted to comics fandom. It featured a series on old comic books called "All in Color for a Dime." The articles in this series were later reprinted in two books: All in Color for a Dime (1970) and The Comic-Book Book (1973), both co-edited by Dick Lupoff and Don Thompson (husband of Maggie Thompson). Xero inspired others, including the Thompsons and Jerry G. Bails, to publish their own fanzines.

It eventually died as a side-effect of a series of moves by the Lupoffs.

Contributors included Dan Adkins, ATom, Cathy Bell, Otto Binder, Bill Blackbeard, James Blish, Bob Briney, L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter, Norm Clarke, Buck Coulson, Avram Davidson, Roger Ebert, Richard Ellington, Harlan Ellison, Tom Fagan, Ron Goulart, Jim Harmon, Larry Ivie, Larry Jarris, Eddie Jones, Roy Krenkel, Richard Kyle, Ethel Lindsay , H. P. Norton, Fred Pohl, Bill Schelly, Larry Shaw, Robert Shea, Chris Steinbrenner, Bhob Stewart, Steve Stiles, Roy Thomas, Don Thompson, Maggie Thompson, Bob Tucker, Donald Westlake, Ted White, Paul Williams, Walt Willis, and Don Wollheim.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 September 1960 40
3 January 1961 Includes Xero Comics
4 April 1961 76 Includes Xero Comics
5 July 1961 57
6 September 1961 80 The Willish
7 November 1961 58
8 May 1962 134 Includes Xero Comics and Avram's Birthday Special Edition
9 September 1962 104
10 May 1963 104 Final issue
index October 1063 28

Xero online at fanac.org

Publication 1963
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