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Paul S. Williams
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(Did you mean Paul O. Williams, the sf writer?)

(May 19, 1948 – March 27, 2013)

Paul Steven Williams (usually bylined Paul Williams) was active in fandom beginning in the early 1960s. He attended Chicon III in 1962, figuring prominently in Walter Breen’s conrep, Our Fan in Chicago.

A fan and friend of Philip K. Dick, he wrote a seminal profile for Rolling Stone in 1975, founded the Philip K. Dick Society, edited its OO, The Philip K. Dick Society Newsletter, became Dick’s literary executor, and, in 1986, wrote the biography, Only Apparently Real: The World of Philip K. Dick. He was also an expert on Theodore Sturgeon and edited the first 11 volumes of The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon (1994-2010).

He is best known, however, as a music journalist, who profiled such figures as Bob Dylan and The Beach Boys, and founded the first rock magazine, Crawdaddy! in January 1966. He produced the inaugural issue with David G. Hartwell's typer and Ted White's mimeo.

Almost visibly green with envy, White later excoriated Williams as “a packaged product which Paul Williams is selling ... glib and intelligent and an excellent liar....” (Science Fiction Review 41, November 1970, p. 15).

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