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The 1986 TAFF race (East to West) to select someone from Britain, Ireland or Europe to travel to North America was calmer (and the vote much lower) than the 1985 race. It was administered by Rob Hansen and Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

(See 'way below for details.)

Write-ins included votes for "Woofie Bear", Ken Slater, Terry Jeeves and the Yorkshire Ripper.

First Round Second Round
Nominee NA Europe Australia Total NA Europe Australia Total
Greg Pickersgill 49 48 1 98 70 52 3 125
Simon Ounsley 44 37 3 84 52 46 6 114
Judith Hanna 40 18 5 61
Hold Over Funds 0 2 0 2 2 5 0 7
Writein 3 1 0 4
Totals 136 136 9 248 124 103 9 246

File 770 #59 p26 A detailed report on the voting

Note that the elimination appears to have been done incorrectly: "Hold Over Funds" should have been eliminated before Judith Hanna. It would not have made a difference in her elimination, but might have prevented a deadlock with no one getting an absolute majority if Hold Over Funds couldn't be eliminated. As it happened, this was avoided anyway.

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