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The 1987 TAFF race was eastbound, sending a North American fan to Conspiracy '87, the 1987 Worldcon in Brighton, England. The candidates were Jeanne Gomoll Bill Bowers, Brian Earl Brown, Mike Glicksohn, and Robert Lichtman. Gomoll won. The administrators were Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden in the US and ?? in the UK.

First Round Second Round
Candidate NA UK Other Total NA+O UK Total
Jeanne Gomoll 96 42 4 142 159 53 212
Mike Glicksohn 57 20 0 77 86 26 112
Robert Lichtman 35 11 2 48
Bill Bowers 26 4 1 31
Brian Brown 25 3 0 28
Hold Over Funds 3 0 0 3

The administrators followed a somewhat odd (but not invalid in this case) procedure. Instead of removing one candidate each round, they removed all of the candidate who failed to get at least 20% of the vote in Round 2, yielding a race between Glicksohn and Gomoll with Gomoll the clear winner. (Had the race been closer it's possible that eliminating many candidates at once might have changed the result, but here it is not mathematically possible.)

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