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Jeanne Gomoll at Corflu Nova (1996).
Photo by Geri Sullivan.

(September 10, 1951 – )

Jeanne Gomoll discovered fandom in 1974 in Madison, WI. She was one of the creators of the feminist fanzine Janus and of WisCon (she chaired WisCon 20 and WisCon 30 as well as Corflu 10). She was a member of SF3 and served as President.

She has been a judge for the Tiptree Award for many years. She won TAFF in 1987 and was TAFF administrator through 1989 and published Taffiles. She was a member of the Women's APA, Cascade Regional APA, ANZAPA, TurboAPA, and Intercourse.

Professionally, she is a graphic designer. She is married to fellow fan Scott Custis.

Fanzines and Apazines:

L-R:,Jeanne Gomoll, Carrie Root, Avedon Carol (2006). Thanks to Mike Ward.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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