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(Did you mean Wiscon, a 1953 one-shot Wisconsin convention?)

A Very Serious Feminist/Political regional convention held in Madison, Wisconsin, from 1977, sponsored by SF3. It was saved from bankruptcy in 2021 by a successful fundraiser. It is currently on hiatus; in early 2023, it announced:

The Board of WisCon’s parent non-profit, SF3, and the WisCon ConCom have come to a consensus that we won’t be planning to run a WisCon as usual in 2024: our leadership bench is very thin, and with the ongoing pandemic and challenging political situation in the US, folks are getting worn out. We need some time to rest and figure out how we can continue WisCon in a sustainable way.  If you want to be involved paving a path to the next WisCon, join us for a planning session this Memorial Day Weekend and make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter, where we’ll be posting updates.

Since at least 2014, the organization had been having various internal political disagreements over such matters as its Code of Conduct and the application thereof, which resulted in the firing, banning or resignation of a number of longtime concom members and regular volunteers, without replacement.

Convention Dates GoHs, Notes
WisCon 1 February 11–13, 1977 Katherine MacLean, Amanda Bankier
WisCon 2 February 17–19, 1978 Vonda N. McIntyre, Susan Wood
WisCon 3 February 2–4, 1979 Suzy McKee Charnas, John Varley, Gina Clarke
WisCon 4 March 7–9, 1980 Joan D. Vinge, Octavia Butler, David Hartwell, Beverly DeWeese
WisCon 5 March 6-8, 1981 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Buck and Juanita Coulson, Don and Elsie Wollheim, Teresa di Lauretis, Steven Vincent Johnson
WisCon 6 March 5-7, 1982 Suzette Haden Elgin, Terry Carr
WisCon 7 March 4-6, 1983 Marta Randall, Lee Killough
WisCon 8 February 24–26, 1984 Elizabeth A. Lynn, Jessica Amanda Salmonson
WisCon 9 February 22–24, 1985 Lisa Tuttle, Alicia Austin
WisCon 10 February 21–23, 1986 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Suzette Haden Elgin
WisCon 11 February 20–22, 1987 Connie Willis, Samuel R. Delany, Avedon Carol
WisCon 12 February 19–21, 1988 R. A. MacAvoy, George R. R. Martin, Stu Shiffman
WisCon 13 February 17–19, 1989 Gardner Dozois, Pat Cadigan
WisCon 14 March 9–11, 1990 Iain M. Banks, Emma Bull
WisCon 15 March 1–3, 1991 Pat Murphy, Pamela Sargent
WisCon 16 March 6–7, 1992 Howard Waldrop, Trina Robbins
WisCon 17 March 5–7, 1993 Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Lois McMaster Bujold
WisCon 18 March 4–6, 1994 Karen Joy Fowler, Melinda Snodgrass, Jim Frenkel
WisCon 19 May 26–29, 1995 Barbara Hambly, Sharyn McCrumb, Nicola Griffith
WisCon 20 May 24–27, 1996 Ursula K. Le Guin, Judith Merril
WisCon 21 May 23–26, 1997 Melissa Scott, Susanna Sturgis
WisCon 22 May 22–25, 1998 Sheri S. Tepper, Delia Sherman, Ellen Kushner
WisCon 23 May 28–31, 1999 Terri Windling, Mary Doria Russell
WisCon 24 May 26–29, 2000 Charles de Lint, Jeanne Gomoll
WisCon 25 May 25–28, 2001 Nancy Kress, Elisabeth Vonarburg
WisCon 26 May 24–27, 2002 Nalo Hopkinson, Nina Kiriki Hoffman
WisCon 27 May 23–26, 2003 Carol Emshwiller, China Miéville
WisCon 28 May 28–31, 2004 Patricia McKillip, Eleanor Arnason
WisCon 29 May 27-30, 2005 Gwyneth Jones, Robin McKinley
WisCon 30 May 26–29, 2006 Kate Wilhelm, Jane Yolen
WisCon 31 May 25–28, 2007 Kelly Link, Laurie Marks
WisCon 32 May 23–26, 2008 L. Timmel Duchamp, Maureen F. McHugh
WisCon 33 May 22–25, 2009 Ellen Klages, Geoff Ryman
WisCon 34 May 28–31, 2010 Mary Anne Mohanraj, Nnedi Okorafor
WisCon 35 May 26–30, 2011 Nisi Shawl
WisCon 36 May 25–28, 2012 Andrea Hairston, Debbie Notkin
WisCon 37 May 24–27, 2013 Joan Slonczewski, Jo Walton
WisCon 38 May 23–26, 2014 Hiromi Goto, N. K. Jemisin
WisCon 39 May 22–25, 2015 Alaya Dawn Johnson, Kim Stanley Robinson
WisCon 40 May 27–30, 2016 Justine Larbalestier, Sofia Samatar, Nalo Hopkinson
WisCon 41 May 22-25, 2017 Amal El-Mohtar, Kelly Sue DeConnick
WisCon 42 March 25-28 2018 Saladin Ahmed, Tananarive Due
WisCon 43 May 24-27 2019 G. Willow Wilson, Charlie Jane Anders
WisCon 44 May 22-25, 2020 (virtual) Yoon Ha Lee, Rebecca Roanhorse
WisCon 45 May 28–31, 2021
May 27–30, 2022
Zen Cho, Yoon Ha Lee, Rebecca Roanhorse and Sheree Renée Thomas. Postponed due to Covid-19
WisCon 46 May 26–29, 2023 Martha Wells, Rivers Solomon
WisCon 47 May 24–27, 2024 Postponed indefinitely. See above.

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