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(Did you mean Steve Johnson from Oregon or Steve Johnson, the Midwest/California fan?)

(August 18, 1952 – )

Steven Vincent Johnson is a Wisconsin fan and sf/fantasy artist, active since the 1970s. He has exhibited at convention art shows as well as creating cover paintings for books and magazines.

Born in California, he spent his childhood and early adolescence living in Japan, Formosa, Guam and El Salvador, before moving to Madison, WI, as a teenager. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Johnson is a retired project manager and information specialist for the state of Wisconsin Department of Transportation where he maintained large databases on mainframes and servers. In the mid-80s, he worked at the Space Astronomy Laboratory, University of Wisconsin, Madison, on Project ASTRO’s Wisconsin Ultraviolet Photo Polarimeter Experiment, which flew on several shuttle missions in the '90s collecting ultraviolet readings.

He has been married to fan artist Darlene P. Coltrain since 2001.

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