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February 4-6 First Roc*Kon held, First Conebulus held
March 9-11 First Halcon held
March 25-27 First Totocon held
Spring Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine starts publication.
Easter Eastercon '77
June 17-19 First X-Con held
July 15-17 First Archon held
July 30-31 First OKon held
August 15 Ray Palmer dies
August 23- Peter Roberts TAFF trip
September 2-5 (Labor Day) SunCon (Worldcon)
Del Rey Books founded
PorSFiS founded
OSFS founded
DUFF: Bill Rotsler (South)
GUFF started (without trip)

Convention series started or ended:

Publishers founded or closed:




New Zealand:


1977 SF, Horror and Fantasy World Exposition7 for '77A John Schoenherr SF ChecklistAPA:BingyASFiCAbduction by WirelessAggieCon VIIIAlpha and OmegaAnalyzing HPLAnnie HallArchonArchon 1Artkane 2AtentionAtention 77AutoClave 2B'hamaconBYOB-Con 7Balticon 11Baltimore in '80Ben'ZineBig Cat BooksBlown in FranceBoskone 14BrookconBrookcon IIIBubonicon 9CHATChambanaCon 7Charles Fort Never Mentioned WombatsChattacon 2Clam ChowderClayton ConClutterConClave IIConFusion 14ConVoyConebulusConebulus 1977Contagion IICosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy MagazineCowper TownshipDale C. DonaldsonDan WellsDeepSouthCon 15Desertcon 5Detroit Triple Fan FairDisclave 21DreamHavenDurfedEdmond HamiltonEmpireEquicon '77ErraticonEscapeFan Photo GalleryFan Portrait GalleryFanquetFantasy FaireFantasy Faire VIIFear and Loathing in the NightFellow of NESFAForeign WordsFreddieconGenghisconGnomenclatureGreat Combined Milford and Clarion Decennial Jubilee, Colloquim and Beer BashH. W. ScottHBHS MiniconHamilton Memorial AwardHarconHarold W. McCauleyHedgehogHenry HasseHippotoconHitchhikeHonolulu Science Fiction SocietyICON 3ImpIncrease in Convention Sizes in the 70sIsaac Asimov's Science Fiction MagazineJack Williamson LectureshipJohn Dickson CarrKwintus KubliusLamont AwardLaunchcon 4Launchcon 5LepreCon 3Loscon 3Loscon 4Luna MonthlyLunacon 20Marcon XIIMidwestcon 28MileHiCon 9Minicon 12MoonconMudconMythcon VIIINew York in '77New York in '80Nocrescon IIOKonOKon 1ObliqueOctoconOctocon 16OphemeraOrconOstaraPacific Northwest Review of BooksPaul W. FairmanPenulticonPenulticon '77Peripheral VisionsPgHLANGE IXPhiladelphia in 1977Philcon 1976.1Philcon 1977Picked-Up PiecesPlaceboPortland Science Fiction SocietyPulpcon 6QuarkRadixRafflesRaymond A. PalmerResolutionRivercon IIIRivercon Pegasus AwardRoc*KonRoc*Kon 1Ron HaydockRovacon IISLAPHAPASaltconScience Fantasy BookstoreScintillationSkugSnowkone IISolarcon IIISouthern Fried Fandom Gil Gaier Transport FundSpace-Con ThreeSpace-Con4Spanish InquisitionSpinoffStarconStellarCon IISteven & Don's ConSteven & Don's Memphis HalfaconStringworldSuburban Femme FundSunConDave Kyle's SunCon ReminiscenceTabebuianTangentTed JohnstoneTerry Jeeves Fan FundThe Book of MazarbulThe DiversifierThe FuturiansThe NerdwurksThe Old Phoenix InnThe RomantistThe SilmarillionThe SunbeamThe Tucker TransferThemeconTom ReamyTotoconTotocon 1Twaci IndexUnicon 3UpperSouthClave VIIUrsula VernonValleyconValleycon 1Valleycon 2VertWashington in '77Windycon IVWintercon 3WisConWisCon 1World Fantasy Convention IIIX-ConX-Con 1XenolithYuccacon

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