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When Jack Williamson retired from his position as professor of English at Eastern New Mexico University in 1977, the University established a lectureship series in his honor – the Jack Williamson Lectureship.

# Year Guest(s) of Honor Theme, Notes
1 1977 James Gunn, Frederik Pohl Humanism, the Humanities, and the Future
2 1978 Golden Anniversary celebration of Jack Williamson's career as an author
3 1979 June Goodfield, Jack Williamson Playing God: the New Biology Moral Issues and Genetic Engineering: Fiction into Fact!
4 1980 Ben Abruzzo The Future of Balloon Flights
5 1981 Vartan Gregorian Past and Future
6 1982 John Newport America's Continuing Controversy over Humanism
7 1983 Gordon Greaves, Robert Silverberg If... or, The Janus View and The Future of Humanism
8 1984 Ihab Hassan Imaginary Cities
9 1985 William Eamon Albert Einstein and the Generation of 1905
10 1986 Edward Bryant Ad Astra per Covered Wagon: When our President was Jack Williamson's Future
11 1987 Thelma Shinn Worlds within Women: Programs for Social Change in Women's SF and Fantasy
12 1988 Thomas Clareson Latitude: Portales; Dimension: Williamson
13 1989 Harlan Ellison The Great, Lost, Ancient Secret of Fame and Success as a writer, Part I
14 1990 Julius Kargarlitski SF and Perestroika
15 1991 Stephen R. Donaldson Epic Fantasy and the Modern World
16 1992 Joe Haldeman The Three Cultures
17 1993 Jerry Pournelle The Future of Democracy
18 1994 Frederik Pohl, Connie Willis, Charles N. Brown A Century of Science Fiction: 1926-2026
19 1995 Suzy McKee Charnas, Roger Zelazny, George R. R. Martin, Jane Lindskold Humanities in the 21st Century
20 1996 C. J. Cherryh, Tim Powers Worlds Enough and Time: Alternative Space in SF
21 1997 Melinda Snodgrass, Mike Resnick, Michael Cassutt Images of the Future in Science Fiction Film and Television
22 1998 Nancy Kress, Terry Bisson Designer Genes and Brave New Worlds
23 1999 Connie Willis, Greg Bear, Charles N. Brown The Millennium Voyeur
24 2000 James R. Frenkel, Joan D. Vinge, Joe Haldeman Forevers, Unlimited
25 2001 Scott Edelman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith New Science for a New Century
26 2002 George R. R. Martin, Michael Swanwick Dragons, Dinosaurs, and Darwin
27 2003 Joe Haldeman, Connie Willis Celebrating 75
28 2004 Frederik Pohl, Robert Silverberg Space Opera: Then and Now
29 2005 Walter Jon Williams, Gregory Benford Posthumanity Evolving
30 2006 Kim Stanley Robinson, Frederik Pohl Ecological Apocalypse
31 2007 Connie Willis, Richard A. Hauptmann, Eleanor Wood Metal Man to Stonehenge Gate: Seventy-Nine Years of Science Fiction
32 2008 Steven Gould, Alberto Rojo Translocation/Transformation: Conjuring the Future
33 2009 Nalo Hopkinson, Gardner Dozois New Moon Rising: Telling Science Fiction
34 2010 Ian Tregillis Science Fantasy: Into the Next Decade
35 2011 Melinda Snodgrass, Michael Cassutt Six Minutes into the Future: SF in Film and TV
36 2012 Daniel Abraham, Carrie Vaughn Urban Fantasy
37 2013 Joe Haldeman -
38 2014 Darynda Jones The Wide World of Speculative Fiction
39 2015 Paolo Bacigalupi Windup Worlds
40 2016 Victor Milán The Many Faces of Victor Milán
41 2017 Melinda Snodgrass, Michael Cassutt Reimagining the Super Hero: Celebrating 30 Years of Wild Cards
42 2018 S. M. Stirling Changes
43 2019 Alex Rivera Trans-border Fantasies and Nightmares
44 2020 Rebecca Roanhorse, James Patrick Kelly postponed to late 2020 April 22–23, 2021, and held online due to the Covid-19 epidemic

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