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(June 24, 1937 - July 12, 2009)

Charles N. Brown was the co-founder and editor of Locus, the long-running news and reviews magazine covering the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Born in New York City, he served in the Navy and then went to work as a nuclear engineer. He was married twice, to Marsha Elkin (1962-69) and to Dena Benatan (1970-77).

After a failed Boston in '67 bid, Brown, Ed Meskys and Dave Vanderwerf started Locus in 1968 as a newszine to promote the Boston in 71 Worldcon bid. As a bidzine Locus was intended to be published only until the site-selection vote was taken at St. Louiscon, the 1969 Worldcon, but Brown decided to continue publishing it as a general newszine with his then-wife, Dena Brown. The timing was good as the long-time newszine Science Fiction Times (previously Fantasy Times) shut down in 1970 after nearly 30 years. In addition, Brown contributed book reviews to Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine and year in review articles to Terry Carr's anthology series. He co-edited The Hobbit Coloring Book. He also published Brown Study with Marsha and her sister Shelia Gilbert.

He co-chaired Lunacon 9.

Locus slowly changed from a primarily fannish newszine to SF's professional trade journal, making Brown one of the most important figures in the SF field. He was selected as GoH for Renovation, the 2012 Worldcon and though he died before the convention, he was retained as a GoH.

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