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Lunacon 9 was a convention held April 16–17, 1966 (1–6 pm each day) at the Hotel Edison in Manhattan. The GoH was Isaac Asimov. Chaired by Charlie Brown & Marsha Elkin {or was it Frank Dietz? Sources differ}. This was the first two-day Lunacon with about 235 attendees of which about 180 joined the convention

Asimov, for his GoH speech spoke for an hour on Isaac Asimov. A Sunday panel featuring Sol Cohen, Fred Pohl, and Doc Lowndes resulted in a roasting for Cohen from the audience. Also on the program were Hal Clement, Lester del Rey, James Blish, Gray Morrow, Lin Carter, and Terry Carr.

The 1966 Eastercon was held at the same time in the same hotel and got about 100 members.

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