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(October 6, 1928 – October 22, 2013)

Franklin M. Dietz, Jr., a New York fan, was one of the founding members (and, later, president) of the Lunarians in 1956. He hosted their meetings with his then-wife Belle Dietz for many years at their apartment at 1750 Walton Ave. in the Bronx.

Along with his second wife, Ann Dietz, he ran in the 1973 TAFF Race, losing to Len and June Moffatt in a three way race (the other candidate was Howard DeVore).

Over the years, he published the fanzines Luna, Luna Monthly, Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction and Ground Zero. He edited the daily newsletter for the Cinvention.

His publishing house, Luna Publications, which began in the 1950s, gave its name to the Lunarians. Under this name he published his zines as well as books such as Paul Walker's Speaking of Science Fiction.

He served on the concom for Lunacon from 1957 through 1971, chairing the first 15 Lunacons. He chaired Silvercon. In 2007, he was the Fan GoH at Lunacon 50. He was a Knight of St. Fantony, having been inducted in 1957 at Loncon. He helped found the International Science Fiction Correspondence Club in 1949. He was a leading member of the Fantasy Artisans.

He was known for making recordings at conventions, both on wire and on reel-to-reel, which he did under the name “Station Luna.” He also filmed at cons. He was one of the founders of the Guild of Science Fiction Recordists. Unfortunately, his recordings and films were lost.

He was deeply embroiled in the WSFS, Inc., debacle. In 1958, he, Belle and George Nims Raybin filed a lawsuit against Dave Kyle over funds from the 1956 Worldcon, NYCon II, which led to the ruin of WSFS, Inc.

Eventually, he divorced Ann and married a mundane.

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