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(March 3, 1939 – August 22, 2015)

Ann F. Dietz (previously Ashe; later Robertson; née Frances Ann Frazier) was a New York fan, active beginning in the 1960s. She was one of the editors of the Science Fiction Times in the 1960s, and the editor of Luna Monthly. She was a member of the Syracuse in '67 Worldcon bid.

She was a member of the N3F and BuHead of its Tape Bureau in the mid-1960s. She published the N3F Tape Bureau Newsletter beginning in 1965.

She was married to James Ashe 1960–67. She ran for TAFF in 1973 with her second husband, Frank Dietz, whom she had married by 1968. Ann’s fanac slacked off after she divorced Frank, but she was still around in 2014.

She was married a third time, to William Charles Robertson, sometime before her mother's death in 2001. Ann died on August 22, 2015, and her cremains were interred with her husband when he died three years later.

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