Thyril Ladd

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(November 21, 1902 – February 3, 1977)

Thyril Ladd. From the Dave Rike collection.

Thyril Leone Ladd of Albany, NY, was a reader and collector of fantasy and science fiction, active in fandom in the 1940s and early 1950s. He wrote reviews and articles for fanzines, including The Acolyte, The Fanscient and the first incarnation of Fantasy Commentator. In the Acknowledgments to The Checklist of Fantastic Literature (Shasta, 1948), E. F. Bleiler cited Ladd among the seven fantasy collectors whose collections formed the major portion of the checklist.

A. Langley Searles, editor of Fantasy Commentator, wrote that Ladd’s activities in fandom were limited because he was primarily a reader and collector and was not attracted to the social activities and feuds of fandom.

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