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Fanzine published by Francis T. Laney and Samuel D. Russell (Duane W. Rimel, F. Lee Baldwin, and Harold Wakefield were contributing editors) with fourteen issues from 1942-1946 and was focused on articles about fantasy with an emphasis on H. P. Lovecraft and the Lovecraft Circle. The first two issues were hectographed, the remainder were mimeographed.

(Laney's essay, "The Cthulhu Mythology: A Glossary", which was published in the Winter 1942 issue of The Acolyte, was expanded at the request of August Derleth and became part of the 1943 Arkham House Lovecraft anthology Beyond the Wall of Sleep.)

In 2018, it was nominated for the 1946 Best Fanzine Retro Hugo, but lost to Forrest J Ackerman's Voice of the Imagi-Nation.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 Fall 1942 28
2 Winter 1942 40
3 Spring 1943 32
4 Summer 1943 32
5 V2.1 Fall 1943 36
6 V2.2 Spring 1944 32
7 V2.3 Summer 1944 32
8 V2.4 Fall 1944 30
9 V3.1 Winter 1945 30
10 V3.2 Spring 1945 34
11 V3.3 Summer 1945 33
12 V3.4 Fall 1945 34
13 V4.1 Winter 1946 32
14 V4.2 Spring 1946 34 Final issue

The Acolyte online at

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