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Roc*Kon (apparently also written Roc*Con and Rockon) a convention in Little Rock, AR founded in 1977, run by the Little Rock Science Fiction Society. They skipped a year between 1983 and 1985.

History (archived).

Convention Dates GoHs, Notes
Roc*Kon 1 February 4-6, 1977 Roger Zelazny, Bob Asprin
Roc*Kon 2 February 10-12, 1978 Bob Tucker, Michael Riley
Roc*Kon 3 February 9-11, 1979 Kelly Freas, Shelby Bush
Roc*Kon 4 October 26-28, 1979 Gordon R. Dickson, Dalvan Coger
Roc*Kon 5 October 17-19, 1980 Andrew J. Offutt, Dick Lynch, Nicki Lynch
Roc*Kon 6 1981 Pro: Fred Saberhagen, Fan: Marty Burke
Roc*Kon 7 1982 Pro: C. J. Cherryh, Fan: Mary Wallbank
Roc*Kon 8 October 7-9, 1983 Poul Anderson, Charlie Williams
Roc*Kon 9 1985 Pro: Gene Wolfe, Fan: Morris and Margaret Middleton
Roc*Kon 10 1986 Pro: Larry Niven, Special Guest: Glen Cook, Artist: Keith Berdak, Fan: John Connoly
Roc*Kon 11 1987 Pro: Joe and Gay Haldeman, Fan: Joy Marie Ledet and Tracy Rogalla
Roc*Kon 12 1988 Pro: Algis Budrys, Fan: Guy Lillian III, Artist: Darla Tagrin
Roc*Kon 13 1989 Pro: George R. R. Martin, Special Guests: Robin Bailey and Rob Chilson, Artist: Lucy Synk
Roc*Kon 14 1990 Pro: George Alec Effinger, Fan: Randy and Lisa Farran
Roc*Kon 15 1991 Pro: Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon, Artist: Belinda Christ
Roc*Kon 16 1992 Pro: Lois McMaster Bujold, Artist: Cat Conrad
Roc*Kon 17 April 30–May 2, 1993 Suzette Haden Elgin, Mary Hanson-Roberts,
Roc*Kon 18 1994 Ron and Davi Dee, Artist: Joe Staton, Fan: Greg and Angela Bridges
Roc*Kon 19 1995 Pro: Harry Turtledove, Artist: Ellisa Mitchell
Roc*Kon 20 1996 Pro: Diana Gallagher and Marty Burke
Roc*Kon 21 1997 Pro: David Weber, Fan: David Means
Roc*Kon 22 May 1–3, 1998 Pro: P. N. Elrod, Artist: Jamie Murray
Pebblecon 1 1999 One-day relaxacon. No gohs
Roc*Kon 2000 May 5–7, 2000 Pro: Patricia C. Wrede, Fan: Carlotta Vaughan
Roc*Kon 2001 May 18–20, 2001 Pro: Barbara Hambly, Artist: Nene Thomas
Roc*Kon 2002 May 17–19, 2002 Pro: Jennifer Roberson (in absentia), Artist: Jeff Dee
Roc*Kon 2003 May 16–18, 2003 Author: Stephen R. Donaldson, Artist: Margaret Carspecken
Roc*Kon 2004 June 11–13, 2004 Charlaine Harris, Author Honor; Keith Berdak, Artist Guest. Final Roc*Kon

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