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An Arkansas fan and filker, Margaret Middleton helped create modern filk in the late 1970s. She published Kantele the first filkzine with fourteen issues from 1978 to 1985 (the first three issues were co-edited by Clif Flynt). She published the fanzine Runway 37. In 1978, she also published On and On into the Night, which collected a number of classic filk songs at a time when filk books were still rare.

She was one of the founders of the Little Rock SF Group and Roc*Kon in Little Rock, AR, and chaired Roc*Kon 2 in 1978. She published Arkanfandom. She organized Texarkon.

She helped create the Filk Foundation, also in 1978, and served as an officer for most of its existence. A year later she organized and co-chaired FilkCon I, the first filk convention. In 1982, Off Centaur Publications published a tape of her work, Margaret Middleton at Bayfilk 1.

She is married to Morris Middleton.

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