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Kubla Khan Too (Kubla Khan 2) was held May 10-12, 1974 at the Holiday Inn in Nashville, TN. GoH: Gordon R. Dickson, Artist GoH: Kelly Freas and Ron Miller, Editor GoH: Donald A. Wollheim. About 150 people attended.

Dan Caldwell writes: We moved to a Holiday Inn near the airport. Con attendance went up. Everyone had a good time. The banquet had real food and was pronounced a success, as was the entire con. (Can you tell the author does not remember a thing? Did I have a good timeĀ ???). This Khan was the source of even more new club members than Kubla I had been.

It was shortly after this Kubla that Carol Stafford wrote the following parody of "The Raven."

Once upon a morning early
As I pondered, spent and surly,
Over many a quaint and curious custom
Of the Khans before,
Suddenly there came a pecking,
As of someone gently yecching,
Yecching at my chamber door.
"A Khanmitteeman," I muttered, "pecking
At my chamber door--
Only this and nothing more."

Looking slightly stoned and logy,
'Twas a bird with smoking stogey
And a lingering little quaver
Born of booze the night before.
With his beak just faintly twitching
As if keeping down the retching,
Came the Kubla Khandor khvetching,
Khvetching at my chamber door.
Quoth the Khandor, "Khenneth Moore--"
Only this and nothing more.

With his eyes so wild and rheumy,
Bloodshot eyes, that looked right through me
In a manner bleak and gloomy,
Spake the bird two words, no more,
Croaked he, quavering dissolutely,
Keeping balance resolutely,
As I pondered on it futilely,
Just those words, and nothing more.
Quoth the Khandor, "Khenneth Moore"....

The poem led to the Khan bird symbol. John remembered a cartoon by a friend of his from college, Jim Jeter. It bore a remarkable resemblance to the description in the poem. It even had a mixed number of toes, four on one foot, five on the other.

John showed it at a club meeting and it immediately appeared on the next Kubla flyer. Soon it was Kubla's official symbol and appeared on a Kubla t-shirt. Later Maurine Dorris made a masquerade costume of it, which she persuaded Ken to wear at a masquerade. And still later, she and others made small Khandor dolls to give as masquerade prizes.

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