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A series of conventions in Nashville, TN founded and chaired by Ken Moore and run under the auspicious of the Middle Tennessee Science Fiction Society..

There were 30 conventions in the series (from 1973 to 2002), but numbers 26-28, run by Dr. Charles Dickens and Patricia Clements, were renamed Parthecon. Andrew Offutt was MC for all of the conventions.

# Convention Dates GoHs
1 Kubla Khan Clave 1973 Frederik Pohl
2 Kubla Khan Too May 10-12, 1974 Gordon Dickson, Kelly Freas, Ron Miller, Donald A. Wollheim
3 Kubla Khan Khubed May 30–June 1, 1975 Andrew Offutt
4 Kubla Khwandry June 4-6, 1976 Donald A. Wollheim, John Schoenherr
5 Kwintus Kublius May 6-8, 1977 Harlan Ellison, Kelly Freas, Frank Robinson
6 Kubla Khan Sex 1978 Theodore Sturgeon, Vincent Di Fate, John Cleve
7 Kubla Khan Ception May 18-20, 1979 Frank M. Robinson, Michael Whelan, Wilson 'Bob' Tucker
8 Kubla Khan Ate 1980 Stephen King, Boris Vallejo, 4E Ackerman
9 Kubla's Ninth Khanphony 1981 Charles L. Grant, Jack Gaughan
10 Kubla Khan Tenuum May 7-9, 1982 Frederik Pohl, Paul Lehr
11 Kubla Khanvalescence April 29-May 1, 1983 Peter Straub, Richard Powers
12 Kubla's Dirty Dozen 1984 Vincent Di Fate,. Alex Schomburg
13 Kubla the 13th May 17-19, 1985 Carol Emshwiller, Ed Emshwiller
14 Kubla Silicon May 23-25, 1986 Timothy Zahn, Anna Zahn, Corwin Zahn, Victoria Poyser
15 Kubla Quinze May 15-17, 1987 Martin Caidin, Ron Walotsky
16 Kubla Khansequences 1988 Karl Edward Wagner, Ron Miller, Bruce Pelz, Elayne Pelz
17 3 Days of the Khandor 1989 Wilson "Bob" Tucker, Ron Lindahn, Val Lindahn, Ray Beam
18 Kubla Khan Census 1990 Michael Bishop, Darrell Sweet, Charlotte Proctor
19 Kubla 1991 Albuk May 1991 Gerald W. Page, David Cherry, Roger Sims
20 Kubla Khanterfeit 1992 Frederik Pohl, Doug Chaffee, Jim Webbert, Doreen Webbert
21 Khumming of Age May 14-16, 1993 Allen Steele, Alan Clark, Kevin Ward, Dan Caldwell, John Hollis, Charles Fontenay
22 Kubla Khatch 22 1994 Algis Budrys, Tim Wilson, Roy Lavender
23 PartheKhan / DSC 33 May 11-14, 1995 Elsie Wollheim, Larry Elmore, Steve Francis, Sue Francis
24 24 and Moore 1996 Charles L. Fontenay, Darryl Elliott, Howard DeVore
25 Kubla Khan XXV May 16-18, 1997 Allen Steele, Frank Olynyk, Andrew Offutt
26 Parthecon XXVI April 24-26, 1998 Joe Haldeman, Andrew J. Offutt
27 Parthecon XXVII 1999
28 Parthecon XXVIII 2000 Debbie Hughes
29 Kubla Khan 29 April 20-22, 2001
30 Kubla Khan XXX 2002

After Kubla Khan/Parthecon ended, Nashville was without a convention until Dan Caldwell and Fred Grimm revived Xanadu.

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